Her Last Arrow

by the Super8



Oh what a dreamy band that was! I should have put them in chains to keep them together.


released April 8, 2008

Will van Spronsen vocals
Matthew Clark guitar
Jeff Lorien guitar
Madeleine Lewis bass
Dan Cunneen drums



all rights reserved


the Super8 Seattle, Washington

songs of love, the fall, redemption, and revolution
not necessarily in that order.

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Track Name: Her Last Arrow - Lavender
i waken ripe for daydream
hazy vision filtered through half shut eyes
the sun
(the memory of sun)
is warm upon me now
i daydream of waking
with the taste of you on my tongue
(whoever you are)

i am consumed
i'm swallowed whole
in clouds of smoke
without a trace
in ether light's maternal grip
in comet's tail
and vapor trail
soft into good night i go…
Track Name: You and a Room
this is all
the benevolence i could muster for you
from a slight
and hazy overview

you and a room
at the top of some stairs
and lipstick stains
oh, but hell, who cares

trouble seems to have
a soft place in its' heart for me
would you follow in those footsteps
to change that destiny?

so here's what i whisper
this player does his best to hide
the smell of you

you and a room
at the top of some stairs
and lipstick stains
oh, but hell, who cares
Track Name: Annalee
old jimmy rose passed away last week
i read it in the news
i guess they found him in his pickup truck
in a field facing annalee's house

her husband walked out late that night
to see about a noise that he'd heard
and he found the pickup burning bright
throwing sparks to the hot july air

jimmy rose had taken thirty years
of love letters and made him a pyre
in the mail the next day came a letter to her
saying "annalee, you are my fire"

oh, annalee, annalee, annalee, you are my fire...

they put jimmy rose in a cheap pine box
and cardboard patent leather shoes
and they buried him up on the hillside
overlooking annalee's house

at night you can still hear him calling
along with the wind in the trees
and lying in bed with her eyes open wide
she trembles with each of his pleas

oh, annalee, annalee, annalee, you are my fire...
Track Name: Some Interstate
some interstate some western town
along a roar of passing miles
in middle night of closed cafes
in chill cold air and diesel fumes
dew moisture, neon light

some interstate that's outward bound
oh, anywhere south or east
but gone from every breath that she takes
away from what she sees
the warm cocoon of highway miles
that pass for memory

some interstate some western town
new day away, new sun to rise
and bleary after short night's sleep
cold, stale and out of place
the traveler sets his sights anew
and travels... one more day